Types of Rehabilitation


‘Rehab’ can sound harsh. While rehab is connected with substance abuse it needn’t always be the same. There are other types of rehab programs as well. Some courts order rehabilitation for offenders, who need to do community service to mingle with the society. Many are disheartened when they are told about rehab. However, rehabilitation is a good option. It brings back the person we once had. In the case of patients, it helps them in recovery.

What is Rehabilitation?

It’s the procedure for complete recovery after any injury, surgery, or habit. It’s a slow and steady process. Rehab is necessary not only for drug abuse or alcoholics but also after a surgery or injury. Many times we overlook the fact that a complete recovery is necessary for proper functioning of the body and mind.


Let’s see some of the different types of physical rehabilitation centers:

  1. Inpatient rehab

  2. Long Term Acute Care

  3. Skilled Nursing

  4. Outpatient centres

Inpatient Rehab Finder Facility (IRF) – Even after a patient recovers that he may leave the hospital he is not fully equipped to function alone without any help. He is then sent to an inpatient rehab; where is taken care of as good as the hospital. This place may be connected to the hospital or not. They have the look and feel of a hospital but are not fully fledged like the hospital. The patients here are given care and emotional support just like homes. An average of 3-5 hrs of intensive rehabilitation is given per day.

Long Term Acute Care –

For serious injuries the patients require intense and special treatment that may last between 20-30days. This is seen to at a Long term care facility. While a hospital has a generalized care the long term facilities have ailment specific treatments.


Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) – Although a patient is ready for discharge from a hospital they may not be fully fit. A patient transitioning from a hospital to home needs nursing care this is taken care of by skilled nursing rehab facility.


Some of the services offered are nursing, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Physical therapy. The offer long term as well as short term services depending on the severity for those with temporary or permanent to mild or complex problems.


Outpatient Centres –

Once a patient is allowed to leave for home either from a hospital or inpatient facility they would need some outpatient rehabilitation too. This can be done at an outpatient rehab center or in-home.

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However, the facility is preferred since they will have better equipment than those available at home. Many opt to travel to the clinic as some insurance companies cover it. The therapy sessions last about 30minutes to an hour.


They make it easier for the patients to adapt easily to the daily routine along with therapy. The cost is also less when compared to inpatient and long term facility. In outpatient facility, they provide therapy and counseling. This will help to identify the root cause of the illness or drug abuse and provide the right therapy.